Kansas Vascular Medicine
Dr.  James A.M. Smith, D.O.
(316) 425-5016
About Dr. Smith
Improving the quality of life by keeping people mobile
Dr. Smith specializes in circulation problems outside the heart, particularly in the lower extremities. His passion is saving legs and helping people walk better.
Patients who benefit from Dr. Smith's expertise include:
  • People who can’t walk becuase of circulation problems
  • People with wounds or infections that don't heal
  • People with blood clots in the legs
  • People who've experienced aneurysms, cardiovascular disease or rhythm problems
  • People who are are at risk for amputation
Signs and symptoms of serious circulation problems:
See your primary care physician or call Dr. Smith for an appointment today if you experience swelling, circulation problems, chronically cold feet, wounds that won't heal, difficulty walking, very high blood pressure that is unresponsive to the usual therapy, dizziness or lightheadedness.
Referrals are not required. Dr. Smith works closely with your primary care physician to improve and maintain your mobility.
Kansas Vascular Medicine accepts all insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid.